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The art of our kitchen is

Discover the true flavor of Mexico at our new location! 🌮🌶️ Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine that will delight your senses. We are open every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Come and live an unforgettable culinary experience! 🇲🇽


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About Taqueria Tequila 2

Quality & Expertise

It is a restaurant with Mexican food. It offers its guests an alternative of quality and variety in its products, cozy atmosphere, Mexican and comfortable service.

It was born with the objective of promoting, preserving and competing for the taste of Mexican food, with a concept according to a pleasant place where the quality of its products and services is on a par with current franchises and chains in the market, we are constantly innovating and improving our procedures, systems and changing our menu offering new dishes for the taste and delight of our customers.

Customer Favorites

Mole Enchiladas & 3 Taquitos Rancheros

2 corn tortillas filled with choice of meat topped with mole sauce served with 3 chicken taquitos. Lettuce on side to replace beans.

Customer Favorites

Alexander Plate

3 grilled skinless chicken breast, carne asada, and 4 shrimps wrapped in bacon strips topped with cheese on top of a bed of rice.

We Serve The Best Dish

At our restaurant, every dish is a masterpiece, crafted with the finest ingredients to deliver an unparalleled dining experience. We’re committed to serving only the best, ensuring each meal is not just food, but a memorable culinary journey.

So delicious and cheap and you get alot for the price! We will definitely be back.

– Jhon Doe
Why Choose Us

Best quality Food and Restaurant

At Taquería Tequila, we pride ourselves on offering an authentic Mexican culinary experience, where every dish is a celebration of true Mexican flavors. Our commitment to quality ingredients and passionate cooking sets us apart, making us the perfect choice for anyone seeking a taste of Mexico.


Promote family unity with Mexican cuisine, encouraging families to share meals and moments together.


"Taqueria Tequila" seeks state recognition for excellent service, quality dishes, affordable prices, and employee training.

Client Testimonial

Our client testimonials reflect the joy and satisfaction of our patrons, praising our exceptional cuisine, service, and atmosphere, and illustrating why they choose to return time and again.

We love Taqeria Tequila! Tostada de camarones! It's by far my favorite dish here. So refreshing on a hot day. Something about the way they grill those shrimp, it's magic. They have a big salsa bar .

    Carmen Murray


    Simple: everything is fucking delicious! I’m a wimp so I usually get the supreme quesadilla rice and beans the best go there now it’s on 85th cross Greenwood small restaurant cross the street from the weed shop.

      Sam Forte Vannoy


      Great service with nice people behind the register. The meat was kinda bland and flavorless as if they ran out of marinade when they seasoned the meat. The green salsa was pretty mild. Overall the tacos where good but they could improve.

        Wilfrido Lora


        Tons of menu choices. Casual atmosphere. Order at the counter and they serve the food at your table. The burrito was impressive! We are temped on other items as well but run out of room in tummy very quickly.

          C H